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The main work load in the scientific and development projects is certainly borne by our scientific collaborators. However students also contribute to the success by their commitment to their bachelor, diploma and masters theses. In the last semester of their studies, students at the Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying usually prepare their theses.

They can select a topic from a continually-updated list of possible projects, but they also have the option of proposing their own topic. Each thesis is supervised by a member of the teaching staff. It must be finished within 6 months. About 10% of the theses are prepared outside Germany and some are written in English.

Students work up to 6 months on their task - supervised by a professor.

Since a practical orientated education is important to us, we try to cooperate with external partners for as many theses as possible. We always appreciate opportunities to collaborate with commercial and government agencies. Experience shows that such cooperation offers advantages for all parties involved; the student and the university keep in contact with the business world while the external partners achieve the solution to a problem for which they may not otherwise have the capacity. i3mainz benefits by hiring new graduates to work on research and development projects.

The external partner often covers any required extra expenditures resulting from project work that the student incurrs. On occasion students are compensated above expenses. An overview of theses of Geoinformation and Surveying at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz can be found on the HS Mainz website. Theses that have emerged at the i3mainz are listed below.

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